Dictionary of Real Estate Terms


Any marketing activity to promote the brokerage, the REALTOR® or a transaction, and includes any verbal, written or graphic representation in any form, including electronic media.


An opinion of the value of specified interests in, or aspects of, identified real estate based on an analysis of relevant data and performed by persons who have the required training in the preparation of appraisals.


A member local real estate Board/Association or provincial/territorial association and includes, where appropriate, a compliance body.


A Person acquiring or attempting to acquire an interest in real estate through a Purchase.


As defined under TRESSA, someone who is represented under a representation agreement with a brokerage.


The payment to a REALTOR® for services related to a Purchase or Sale and includes commissions, fees and any other form of remuneration or reward for services rendered by a REALTOR®.

Confidential Information

Any personal or business information relating to the individual that ought to be considered confidential by its nature.

CREA's Trademarks

Include, but are not limited to, the words REALTOR® and REALTOR Link®, the REALTOR® and REALTOR Link® logos, REALTOR®.ca, Multiple Listing Service®, MLS® and the related MLS® logos.


(Internet Data Exchange) refers to a reciprocal system whereby consenting brokerages agree to advertise on their Internet websites, each other's active listings, either from the MLS® database of the Association or from mls.ca, subject to the rules of the applicable real estate Association.


A spouse, son, daughter, parent, brother or sister and includes persons who are in such categories because of marriage, common-law relationships or adoption.


An agreement between a brokerage and a Client granting the brokerage the authority to offer for sale the Client's real property with defined terms and conditions. A listing on MLS® must involve an agency and an offer of compensation to the selling office, as well as all members having the right to show and sell the property.

Multiple Representation

A relationship in which a brokerage or a REALTOR® represents, as agent, more than one party in the same Transaction.

Opinion of Value

An estimate of the value of specified interests in, or aspects of, identified real estate which may be based wholly or partly on comparative market analyses. An Opinion of Value may contain more or less analysis of relevant data than an appraisal and may be performed by a REALTOR®.


Includes, where applicable, an individual, a partnership, a corporation and any other entity legally capable of buying and selling real estate.


Includes an actual or proposed exchange, option, lease or other acquisition of an interest in real estate.


A registered trademark of REALTOR® Canada Inc., a company owned equally by the Canadian Real Estate Association and the National Association of REALTORS® and refers to licensed real estate practitioners who are members of The Canadian Real Estate Association.


A person licensed by a jurisdiction to trade in real estate.


Includes an actual or proposed exchange, option, lease or other disposition of an interest in real estate.


A person disposing of or attempting to dispose of an interest in real estate by Sale.

Service Agreement

An agreement that establishes a relationship between a brokerage and a Person which identifies the responsibilities of each party and includes the services to be performed by the brokerage and any compensation payable.